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Scrutiny aims to improve the delivery of public services
Ports of Jersey Incorporation

The Panel will assess key aspects of proposals for the incorporation of the Ports of Jersey, incl...

Environmental Policies
​The Panel will look to determine what environmental policies are currently in place and what more c...
Respite Care for Adults
​Review to assess whether there is sufficient respite care provision for adults in Jersey.
Jersey International Finance Centre
​A review into the planned Jersey International Finance Centre.
Medium Term Financial Plan - Phase 1
​Phase 1 concentrates on the previous Corporate Services Panel review into the Budget 2015 following...
Compulsory Wearing of Cycle Helmets
​The Panel will look at the proposed legislation, and review research and evidence on this subject f...
Regulation of Care Law
​A review of the draft Regulation of Care Law.
Family Friendly Legislation
​A Review of the amendment to the Employment Law 2003
Internal Audit
​Priority 6 of the current States Strategic Plan calls for a public sector that is as efficient and...
Public Sector Pensions
A review of proposed reforms to PECRS and public sector pensions.