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Start date: 19/06/2017

Status: Review started

What is the review about?

Following the commencement of formal Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union on 19th June 2017, a new Brexit Review Panel has been formed to scrutinize Jersey's policy towards Brexit.

The Brexit Review Panel has taken on the responsibility for scrutinizing both how the States of Jersey is preparing for Brexit and the specific changes to legislation that will follow Jersey's "Repeal Bill", expected later this year. Members comprise representatives from each of the existing Scrutiny Panels, in order to provide oversight of what is a wide and varied topic.


The Panel members are:

Deputy John Le Fondré, Chairman

Deputy Simon Brée, Vice-Chairman

Deputy David Johnson, Panel Member

Deputy Richard Renouf, Panel Member

Deputy Jeremy Maçon, Panel Member


Terms of reference

​To Follow

Lead officer(s)

Timothy Nicolle Telephone: 01534 441014