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Long-Term Care Scheme Review

Start date: 20/03/2017

Status: Report in preparation

What is the review about?

​A review of the Long-Term Care Scheme - the Panel is currently collecting evidence from the public and will then begin to organise Public Hearings.

Terms of reference

1)  To assess the current assistance for those registered on the Long-Term Care Scheme and (where applicable) their carers


2)  To determine whether the Long-Term Care Scheme meets the needs of those with long-term conditions including the assessment of need, the delivery of care and standards of care


3)  To consider how the aging population impacts on the Long-Term Care Scheme in terms of future demand


4)  To examine eligibility for the Long-Term Care Scheme with particular consideration of the 10 year residency requirements


5)  To examine existing resource and manpower provisions particularly in relation to:

The assessment process

Current waiting lists

The transitional period of registering onto the Scheme


6)  To examine the financial health and sustainability of the ring-fenced Long-Term Care fund including income received and expenditure incurred since the Scheme was introduced and projections of future income and expenditure


7)  To examine the methodology used for determining standard care costs, co-payments and the care costs cap, including the financial assessment process for receipt of long-term care support and property loans


8)  To consider the application of the Long-Term Care Scheme to particular groups with long term conditions, including:

          1. Young people upon reaching the age of 18
          2. Working age adults receiving care in their own homes
          3. Working age adults resident in a nursing or residential home
          4. Elderly persons receiving care in their own homes
          5. Elderly persons resident in a nursing or residential home


9)  To consider measures that might be taken to improve public understanding and confidence in the Long-Term Care Scheme


Lead officer(s)

Kellie BoydensTelephone: 01534 441075